Understanding Variable Speed Drive Cables

Power and control cables transmit and distribute electrical energy in various applications. In cases where Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is required, Variable Speed Drive (VSD) cables become an attractive choice.

What are VSD Cables?

VSD cables are 3-core cables specially designed to limit the effects of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). They are screened, heavy-duty cables for machinery that requires speed control. 

They are used in control and motor systems supply in industrial water pumps, conveyor systems, textile machines, cranes, and paper industries.

VSD Cable Construction-2
VSD cables have a special property, making them an excellent protector against high-frequency ground currents, reflected voltages, and EMI. It is their symmetrical design.

Symmetrical Design 3C X 150 +3E X 50 VSD Cable

VSD cables are designed symmetrically, where 3 earth conductors are situated in the interstices of the 3 phase conductors. This enables us to achieve a minimal ground current, reducing the chances of bearing fluting and thus preventing motor bearing failure.

Keystone Cable's VSD Cables

Our VSD cables have been selected for iconic projects in Singapore and Australia, such as the Jurong Island Desalination Plant in Singapore, Amazon Data Centre in Singapore, and overseas, such as BHP Billiton - Macedon in Australia.

VSD cable 3-1

We have a strong cable specialist technical team to provide recommendations for your projects. Contact us should you require more information.