SS 299:2021 Updates - Fire Resistant Test Standard

In our previous Keystone Academy blog, 'Fire resistant test standards-explained!'. we introduced the differences among the 3 common LSZH FR test standards. In Singapore, Fire-resistant (FR) cables undergo tests given by the Singapore standard, SS 299.

SS 299 specifies the requirements of FR cables relating to characteristics required to maintain circuit integrity, and the ability to reduce flame spread, emit low levels of smoke, and emit halogen-free gas during a fire.

This is essential as it ensures that the power supply can be sustained so that life-saving electrical installations such as fire alarms, smoke detectors, PA systems, and emergency lighting, can perform their functions even in the event of a fire.

According to the updated Singapore FR Test standard (SS 299:2021), the passing of Protocols C, W, and Z is mandatory for FR cables to be considered fully compliant. Additionally, the inclusion of other protocols, namely Protocols A, B, S, X, and Y from previous editions, is considered obsolete. This revised version was published on 23 September 2021.

Prior to 2021, FR cables must pass Category C while Categories W and Z were optional. 

Fire-resistant tests: SS 299: 2021 (from 23 Sept 2021 onwards)

SS299 (2021) table-2

Fire-resistant tests: SS 299-1:1998 (before 2021)

  • Resistance to fire alone (Category A, B, C, or S)

SS299 (B4) 1

  • OPTIONAL: Resistance to fire with water (Category W)

This is meant to simulate fire in presence of activated sprinkler systems.

SS299 (B4) 2

  • OPTIONAL: Resistance to fire with mechanical shock (Category X, Y, or Z)

This is meant to simulate fire in the presence of disturbances such as falling debris.

SS299 (B4) 3

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